South-South EDC


  1. Four weeks paid summer programme to introduce delegates to computer programming, animation, 3D modelling, and teamwork in collaboration with the rebranded Information Systems Services Centre. This will culminate to a two days hackathon event where they will present their projects before their peers and invited guests.
  2. Projects that have potential for growth will be passed to incubation management team for consideration.

Summits & Presentations

  1. Annual networking and collaboration event that brings all entrepreneurs , programmers with stakeholders , companies , government , international organizations , investors and academia to discuss challenges most pressing in Nigeria, strategies to creatively maximize the opportunities created by these challenges. This will also enable members of the incubation hub to showcase their companies and products attracting potential investors and donors.
  2. In some instances we will be involved in technology related final project supervision to identify and progress viable ideas to the incubation hub.

Business Incubation

Pre- Incubation

This covers helping those with business ideas or participants via the above mentioned programmes, summits and presentation hackathon events workshops, seminars to

  1. Define their business idea.
  2. Develop a business plan.
  3. Develop a Business Canvas template.
  4. External panels within the business community and network of partners and clients would be engaged to analyze and vent the business idea, this is the first filtering stage.

The process would be initialize when potential incubator members registers for the Hackathon events, or registers for any of the available regular workshops via the online portal. The deliverables at the end of this phase (2 to 4 weeks) are

  1. Viable ICT /Technology Based Business Idea
  2. A Business Canvas Template.
  3. A Business Plan Document.
Potential members that were screened out during this venting process would be referred or recommended for future workshops or entrepreneurship programs hosted by ICEHub.

Incubation Stage

That the beginning of this stage the incubator members would be officially offered a place in the incubator and would be required to sign various legal documents relating the activities needed to legally and physically realize the business plan. Various services would be offered to the incubator members for a period of 6- 18 months ranging from but not limited to

  1. Access to various funding sources.
  2. Proper networking with the business world and coaching.
  3. Innovative office work space in an environment that encourages and stimulates creative, solution oriented thinking with access to modern office facilities.
  4. Regular monitoring and assessments based activities to ensure incubator members are proactively engaged in realizing their business plan.
  5. Assistance in formulating product roadmaps for the development of specific products or product sets.
  6. Technology based training delivered via the online portal and the classroom.
  7. Assistance in the identification, development and exploitation of marketing and business channels.
  8. Frequent face to face meetings with trained managers that can deal with business problems and act as consultants to the entrepreneurs.
  9. Assist in assessing the value of the company in terms of strategic vision, mission, technology, available market and business models.
  10. Offer assistance with developing Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Cash Flow analyses as well as with Nigerian annual tax reporting requirements.
  11. Assistance in legal matters such as IP protection, non-disclosure agreements and other legal matters.

Product Development Services

This covers helping businesses with innovative ideas and services develop world class platforms for service delivery using our in product development team of domain experts, programmers, testers, patent lawyers and customer service consultants. The summary of professional services that we would be providing includes
  • Relationship management
  • Business analysis
  • IT development
  • Project management
  • Software Requirements and Architecture Documentation
  • Software Test Plan and Software Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • E-learning based personal/professional development courses for career minded individuals.

Employment and Internship Management Services

The Hub will also be involved in sourcing employment and internship opportunities for delegates to gain work experience and exposure to cooperate hands on experience.