South-South EDC

Port Harcourt Library Summer Holiday Program – 3D modelling

ICEHub was fully represented at the one week long vocational training for kids, as Sharon, an ICEHub distinguished teenager facilitated in the program. Kids were given a full day training on 3D modelling, facilitated by Sharon. The topics conveyed included from Pencil drawing to Computer Aided Designs, Introduction to computer 3D Modelling, Introduction to Google Sketchup, Practical hands-on with an engaging classwork. The kids were able to model a house and prizes were awarded to the most innovative design. We were so happy to see what other kids could do with these tools within one day of exposure.


hands-on session for 3D Modelling using Google Sketchup.


Team B reviewing class work


Team C reviewing their design


Team D comparing designs


Team E finalizing the group project


Team A figuring out the best approach to use.