South-South EDC

Port Harcourt Library Summer Holiday Program – 3D Printing

Emmanuel, an ICEHub distinguished teenager, debunked the myth of 3D printing with a step-by-step practical engagement on how to turn a 3D model into realistic 3D printed Image. This one full day engagement, facilitated by Emmanuel exposed the kids to the following topics, parts of a 3D printer, how a 3D printer works, transform a 3D model to a 3D printed object, application of a 3D printing technology in Medicine, agriculture, engineering etc. The kids’ printed seven 3D objects including iPhone stand, Afro-comb, hand chain, interlocking chain, house, bolts and nuts, Raspberry Pi casing etc.


Emmanuel facilitating 3D Printing session


Demonstrating the operations of the 3D Printer


Observing 3D Printer at work


Watch how a comb is being printed from a 3D model


Emmanuel answering some questions from the participants


Observing the final object produced by the 3D Printer